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Mahé, La Digue, and Praslin are the most commonly covered isles in the honeymoon travel offers to Seychelles. These marble ‘inner’ isles are well-known for their green mountain mountains, exotic jungles, and breathtaking seashores. The wonderful scenery are perfect for a romantic honeymoon vacation in Seychelles. City trips and characteristics walks are some other possible addendums to the Seychelles honeymoon travel offers.

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Day 1

Day 1 Praslin: Welcome

As you go through manchester international terminal in Mahe, the trip agent’s associate will help you in getting used the boat slot in Mahe. You will be motivated to Mahe boat slot from where you will panel a boat and appreciate a boat drive to the Praslin slot.

An agent’s associate will be patiently waiting at the boat slot in Praslin to obtain you and will help you with the street exchange to your resort in Praslin. Upon appearance at the place in Praslin, sign in and rest as the staying part of the first day of your Seychelles honeymoon vacation trip is at enjoyment.

Day 2

Day 2 Praslin: Fun and much more

After a stuffing morning meal at the place, the Seychelles honeymoon vacation trip itinerary now gives you a chance to enjoy an optionally available trip of Valle De Mai - a popular characteristics recreation area and UNESCO Globe Culture Site (charges extra for optionally available tour).

A loving generate along the seaside street constant brings you to Vallee de Mai which is visited by partners from all over the whole world. Valle de Mai is majorly popular amongst tourists for its exclusive types of possession, also known as Coco de Mer, that are known to have biggest and biggest place seeds in whole place empire.

Day 3

Day 3 Mahe’: Day at leisure

Cure your taste buds to a delightful morning meal at the place and then examine out as now you will be moved to the Praslin Boat Slot. Get onboard the ferry and appreciate your trip to Mahe Isle.

An agent’s associate will help you with your exchanges to your hotel in Mahe Isle. Upon appearance, finish the check-in requirements and then relax as relax of the day is at enjoyment.

Day 4

Day 4 Mahe : A lovable leisure day

Start your day with a satisfying breakfast and plan the way you would want to enjoy it. You can opt to see St. Angel National Underwater Recreation area. From the hotel you will be moved to semi-submersible boat to see inner islets of Mahe’ and discover this Underwater Recreation area. As your boat sails, nourish the exotic fish or go to vibrant reefs hives by scuba dive diving snorkeling or scuba dive diving snorkeling. The Recreation area is visited by bottlenose whales and is carpeted with huge sea lawn areas that are populated by hawksbill turtles. 

Day 5

Day 5 Mahe’: City Tour

After your break your night long fast, jazz music up your enjoyment day with an optionally available trip of Mahe’.  You will be taken from the place to appreciate a trip to Organic Lawn, which is endowed with a huge variety of plants and creatures. Your garden also presents you to Coco de Mer - a France word for ‘coconut of the sea’, and to obtain is one of the most valuable native to the area ones of the area. Its place seeds are the most heavy and the biggest on earth and were considered to have treatment abilities. You will also come across local wild animals such as Seychelles traveling fox or fruits softball bats and Aldabra massive land tortoises. 

Day 6

Day 6 Mahe’: Back to Home

Enjoy one more morning meal together at the resort before finishing the check-out requirements. Have an enjoyable time at the beach throughout the day. In the evening, appreciate the vision of Victoria and isles around. Later, enjoy spare time before you will be moved to the airport to catch your flight at home. 


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