Air India

Air India, the premier flight carrier of India is one of the most extensive flight service providers in India.

The logo of the new airline is a red coloured flying swan with the ‘Konark Chakra’ in orange, placed inside it. The flying swan has been morphed from Air India’s characteristic logo, ‘The Centaur’, whereas the ‘Konark Chakra’ is reminiscent of Indian’s logo”.

The new logo features prominently on the tail of the aircraft. While the aircraft is ivory in colour, the base retains the red streak of Air India. Running parallel to each other are the orange and red speed lines from front door to the rear door, subtly signifying the individual identities merged into one. The brand name ‘Air India’ runs across the tail of the aircraft.

Air India currently has a fleet of 124 aircraft excluding subsidiaries. The fleet comprises of 22 Airbus A319 aircraft, 34 A320/A320neos, 20 A321s, 4 Boeing 747-400s, 18 777s (ER + LR) and 27 787-8s.